Wednesday, July 13, 2011


For some funny reason Manicotti always makes me think of my Savta - so do salmon croquettes, unbelievably amazing omelettes and matzah balls. But for today - it's the manicotti that matters.

As you may (or may not) know - there was a cottage cheese strike for a while here in The Holy Land. Consumers refused to buy the dairy staple after dairy-companies raised the price to about 8nis for 250 gram containers. (That's about $2.30 for every cup of the stuff.) As a result many stores started having crazy sales to get the cheese off of their shelves before the expiration dates passed. The dairy companies finally agreed to lower the price to something 'more reasonable' but the sales continued so that the back-up could be cleared out.

I picked up 2 containers for 10 shekels last week. I always figure I'll make yummy stuff like lasagna, calzones and savory tarts, but I somehow never seem to get around to it. (Must be because I can't eat them.)
Anyway - I didn't want the cheese to end up going in the garbage so I decided to use it up. Unfortunately I was out of Parmesan cheese and didn't have any mozzarella to grate. Luckily I had a package of sliced Gilboa cheese.

I cooked up a big pot of chunky tomato sauce and even decided to use one of my boxes of 'American Lasagna' that I've been holding onto like a crazy miser.

I diced the Gilboa cheese and mixed it in with the cottage cheese and 2 eggs. Then I seasoned the mixture with some salt, pepper, parsley and a dash of nutmeg (the best-kept-secret lasagna ingredient) and also mixed in about 1 Tbsp of seasoned breadcrumbs (because the mixture looked a little too liquidy to me.)
After rolling everyone up I ended up with 6 tiny-tins of 'mini-cotti' which I wrapped well, labeled and stuck in the freezer. Z loves lasagna and manicotti so it's great to have these single-serving tins in the freezer stash.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm a huge fan of tiny tin-foil pans (especially ones that come with cute little tops? I can't help it. I know - I have issues.
The day was pretty boring. I gave myself a delightful at Home 'spa-treatment' but aside from that and a couple of hours of graphics work I didn't do too much.
Z had his first day of 'teaching English' today. He's essentially a TA for the summer - it's the same job he had all year - and now it's paying for his summer course. Wednesday is his 'long day' he has class from 9am-3pm. So - he was hungry when he got Home.

Luckily for him I made a little lasagna out of the extra scraps which I didn't use for the manicotti.

He claims it was a good lunch. All I know is that it smelled amazing, so I'm willing to assume it probably tasted pretty good.

Though truth be told - I don't think you can really go wrong with noodles, sauce and cheese.

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