Monday, July 18, 2011

SecretKeeper = RiddleMaster

Yesterday was a decidedly quiet Sunday. Z & I walked down to the mailbox then I trudged Home while Z went to print out physics notes - a lot of physics notes.

The most exciting thing to happen was when Z called Freddie at around 9pm and asked her what her plans were for today. She said she'd be willing to come and visit if we'd make her favorite things.
And so it came to pass that at 10:30pm on a Sunday night, Z & I slaved away in the kitchen preparing ice-cream custards of the French Vanilla & Mint Chocolate Chip varieties.
I was up bright and early (a little before 7) this morning. I kneaded up a batch of bagel-dough while Z churned the ice-cream.

Fact: When it is over 80F at 8am your KitchenAid ice-cream-maker attachment will not stay frozen long enough to churn 2 batches of custard into delightfully dreamy ice-cream...
Z had to 'teach English' this morning so he was out from 8:30 until a little before 1pm. While he was out I went out to the grocery store (to buy some whipped cream - because what is an ice cream party without whipped cream?!) I also shaped/boiled/baked 1.5 batches of bagels. Then I mixed up and piped a batch of milano-cookies. Z got Home and put up the birthday sign (all spazzy-like) and I wrapped up the super-useful present.
Finally The Freddies arrived. HaPpY EnGlIsH bIrThDaY FrEdSo!!! We lunched on fresh bagels with all of 'the works' and washed it all down with some delightfully refreshing homemade unsweetened lemon-nana iced tea.
Eventually the cookies cooled completely, so I was able to sandwich them with their chocolate and mint fillings. After lunch and ice cream nobody really wanted cookies - so I sent most of them home with the birthday girl. (In the meanwhile - about an hour south of Home -Phil baked up a FF batch of milano-cookies using barley flour in place of wheat-stuff. it worked amazingly well - so I'll be making myself a batch in the not too distant future.)

We all relaxed for a while and enjoyed the (cross)-breeze for a couple of hours. Then The Freddies had to go. We said out 'goodbye-for-now's and they were off. Z helped me straighten up and even washed all of the dishes.

I was a super-nice-wife and made him an amazing (smelling) dinner of pasta primavera. (So that he'd have a nice filling meal pre-'fast' - like I said, I'm just too nice sometimes. There's even enough leftovers for 2 more meals which will carry him neatly right to the end of the week.)Really not looking forward to this whole 'fasting' business... Nothing planned for tomorrow since it's supposed to be a real 'scorcher' and we're not 'allowed' to drink. I'm thinking bed and a nice cool towel on my neck and forehead. Yeah - see - there are perks to not having kids after all.

Must remember to water my plants bright and early in the morning though. They're going to need it.

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