Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tiny Turtles...

Thursday was really hot - weather-wise I mean. We stayed home and tried not to melt. We consoled ourselves by keeping in mind that it's only July and that the heat will continue to be the same (or worse) until sometime around November (though if it's anything like last year the heat could last until March or so...)

Friday morning was extremely relaxed. Z took a bus into town to pick up the last minute groceries. I put together a super-easy lunch and had more than enough time to scrub down the bathrooms and do a complete wash&scrub of the kitchen counter and stove-top.

About 15 minutes before Shabbos we drove down to Ora&Shlomo's house. I handed over the keys and gifts (a late wedding gift, which was a copy of the cookbook in its 'new format' and a nice big bag of caramel popcorn.) The guys headed out to shul. Dinner was a cute affair, they have such a cozy little home. All food was FF in my honor and Ora was awesome about the whole 'might or might not actually eat' thing. Honestly it was a really nice 'change of pace' for me. Even though we made 'regular' Shabbos, we finished the meal by 10:15. Then Z and I 'dined & dashed' with apologies so that we'd make the walk Home before I bottomed out on energy reserves. The walk itself wasn't too bad all things considered. We walked up the 'security path' along the fence, there were enough lights to see where we were going (and the full moon shed a lot of light on the situation too.) We made it Home (from the 'inner' traffic circle at Sheshet Hayamim) in just 40 minutes and we walked at a relatively leisurely pace. Thankfully the weather had cooled off significantly so the walk was actually quite enjoyable.

The cooler weather continued on Shabbos day. We enjoyed a nice lunch at the 'late' hour of 12pm. Then we had the rest of the day to laze around and read a lot. It was amazingly relaxing and delightful. We played a game of Scrabble at some point but the rest of the day was spent deep in books.

Shabbos ended and we made havdala. Then Z straightened up whatever he could (there wasn't much to do) and I sliced up some vegetables. At around 10ish, Ora&Shlomo arrived for some Saturday night fun. We decided to watch 'Despicable Me' (since Shlomo hadn't seen it yet.) It ended shortly after midnight so I gave them a ride Home to spare them the shlep down the hill.

Lunch this Shabbos included:
Roasted garlic, chumus (Abu Dushi), challah/barley bread, sauteed chicken breast (FF), honey-mustard crumb shnitzel, chicken&rice salad
Z made 4 liters of iced tea and 2 liters of lemonade
Dessert was a FF oatmeal cookie pizza baked in a 7x11pan. (I think I'm going to bake it like that from now on - it's more like amazingly good oatmeal blondies (which I stirred crunchy-peanut-butter into) - even Z enjoyed them. A lot.

Gosh now I'm in the mood for a piece of that oatmeal deliciousness...