Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Do Nut Luv

Z had class all morning (well, 9-15 anyway) but he was so sweet - he got up early and made me breakfast at 8. He's awesome!

Victory for today - I hand-kneaded and baked a batch of yeasted cinnamon buns. Why'd I do the work by hand? Easy. I made them dairy (milk and butter alllllll the way) so I didn't want to use my mixer.
In extremely exciting news - late yesterday afternoon (as the sun was setting) I went outside to admire my little garden. Imagine my amazement (after a week of inconsistent watering) when I noticed that my adorabubble little pepper-plantlings (who are actually about a foot and a bit tall) seem to be budding, which means they're going to flower, which means - we might actually grow some sweet bell peppers!!! Well - I'm over the moon about the news! I mean, who knew I could actually grow stuff?! Especially after the Fred&George fiascoes of 2005-2006.
This morning I went out to double check on the plants (to make sure I hadn't been seeing things) and not only was I correct, but I was even more excited to see that our baby orange tree is actually putting out fruit too! I was sure it would never produce again after the weather-shock it got last year. Suffice it to say, I'm very excited.
I found a few more random photos from our week-and-a-bit-long vacation - so I'm sticking them in here too...

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