Friday, August 05, 2011


Same old craziness in The Sun House...
Thursday we celebrated Freddie's birthday with a bright and early birthday surprise.
There was a late sort of lunch then homemade pizza and FF rice-wraps for dinner.
Friday morning was busy as usual. Cooking, cleaning, having fun.
I got to shape the challahs (they turned out enormous even though there was the same amount of dough that I usually make.) I also got to peel vegetables, see a decapitated worm, helped make soup, cleaned & washed dishes, helped make matzah balls and did a whole lot of overseeing. (I'm very good at overseeing!)
We had a nice big 'fancy' breakfast. Toast with butter and Swiss jam, salmon, hashed-browns, omelets & scrambled eggs, and freshly squeezed orange juice...
All in all quite a busy day - but we've got all of Shabbos to recuperate.
Woohoo - Let the Summer Birthday Weekend fun commence!!!

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