Thursday, August 11, 2011

"K'fotz on Pop"

Yesterday was somewhat productive. After Amo left (at around 11) I counted down the minutes until chatzot (which marks the time when post-9-days laundry can be started.) Finally the clock ticked the time and the first load went into the washing machine. 4 loads later Z got Home from school. He didn't even come inside to get some lunch. Instead I met him in the parking lot and we went straight out to the grocery store to pick up almost everything that we needed for Shabbos. While we were out we stopped off in town to pick up an assortment of nuts and some more barley flour (and strawberry extract for whenever I go meringue crazy again.) We also stopped off at one last place to pick up a bag of briquettes for the bbq.

For dinner last night Z grilled up a storm. Za'atar chicken breast for me and saucy wings for him with a huge helping of french-fries on the side.

I was up bright and early this morning and had the chicken soup at its post-scumming lazy-boil by 8:30am. At a little after 9:00 I got a call from Yael. She wanted to know if it would be alright to drop by with her sister. They were on a mission to get some nice scenic pictures of the city. I quickly put together 1/4 batch of challah dough and mixed up a batch of barley rolls for myself. I was just putting the barley rolls up to rise when they arrived. The 'quick visit' turned into a few hours but it was really nice to catch up with her and meet her sister. They invited me to join them at the pool but I declined - hopefully next week I'll get a swim in though!

I shaped 3 nice-sized-loaves of challah and baked them then I drove them home at around 1pm. After dropping them off Z and I popped into the 'chumusaria' to pick up some of there superb spread for shabbos. (We bought a big container so that we have plenty for all 3 meals.)

I didn't really do much cooking today which means I'll have to do it tomorrow - but so long as I start bright and early I'll be done with plenty of time to spare...I hope.

Today I ate a barley roll with margarine, a serving of rice pasta spaghetti with a little tomato sauce, 50 grams of potato chips, 1 cup of chicken broth with 1/4 cup of cooked rice and 1/2 cup of fruity pebbles cereal!

Yup - you read that right - Fruity Pebbles Cereal!!! How much fun is that!? Turns out that all that's in them in puffed rice (cause they're gluten free), sugar (ok - a lot of sugar), food coloring (yeah yeah - I know), and (completely synthetic) fruit flavorings! Anyway - although they'll probably kill me faster than eating apples and honey - at least they won't give me a stomachache in the process. So - overall - I'll take 'em!

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