Sunday, August 07, 2011

Measured Craziness

Shabbos was fun. The meals were enjoyable - the perfect roast came out really perfect. We played a lot of Settlers and a whole bunch of card games. We played some musical chairs and Freddie got a personalized mug with a dolphin-shaped-handle as a birthday present!

Saturday night I picked Sarah Leah up from her friend's house in Nofei Aviv and after some random silliness we all went to sleep.

Sunday morning dawned bright and early for me. (Why do I keep waking up - for the day - at 5:30am?) We did some errands around town with The Crazy Lady & Phil. Then we took a fun little tiyul with S&S and Yo'Abba. Back in The Sun House we packed up the car and headed back out to The Middle of Nowhere. We made very good time (even with the traffic) and stopped at Yesh to pick up some groceries on our way into the city.

Amo arrived a few hours after we got Home and I threw together a delightful pre-pre-fast dinner. Broiled tilapia, vegetable moussaka and pasta (huge ziti shaped noodlea which I had the foresight to snap in half prior to boiling but which could've benefited from being even smaller.)

We partied for a while, watched Men in Black (for the heck of it) and those who could enjoyed ice cream (I'm pretty sure the peanut butter and mint are now finished up.)

Now I'm thinking it's time to get some sleep. The temperature is delightful (mid 70's) and there is the slightest most pleasant sort of breeze blowing through the apartment.

Hard to believe that tomorrow is Monday and erev-tishka-bob.

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