Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Mike & Harvey

Monday was long and slow and relaxing. Waffles for our guests for breakfast, calzones for lunch then some serious baked-ziti (with homemade chunky tomato sauce) for pre-fast fill-up.

Sarah Leah caught a bus back to Jeru in the mid-afternoon. I spent the rest of the afternoon sort of bored.

Eventually we all changed into flip-flops and I drove everyone down to the shul at the Nezarim caravans.

Back at Home we went straight to sleep. Well sort of, I actually spent a couple of hours reading the first part of "A History of the Jews" by Paul Johnson. I figured the subject matter was depressing enough to be appropriate material for the annual day of mourning.

I slept through the night (probably thanks to the earplugs I shoved into my ears as far as safely possible) but I kept waking up every hour from 3am and onwards for no apparent reason. Finally at ten minutes to 8 I woke with a jolt and proceeded to wake Z up so that the guys could get to shacharit by 8. 

After shacharit I drove back down and picked Z up from shul, then at 1:15pm I drove him back down for mincha (rather than making a pointless trip home I sat on a bench near the shul and read a bit in the shade. I figured it counted as my vitamin D for the day.) The last trip was the trip down for ma'ariv - again I waited in the car while they davened. (This is another perfect example of why Z really really really needs to get his license already.)

Between mincha and maariv I was quite busy. I baked up a batch of oatmeal rolls (part whole wheat) and cooked up a big pot of tomato vegetable soup. I also prepped the ingredients for a batch of 1-hour cinnamon buns which I mixed up and baked with perfect timing so that they were done and glazed right before heading out to ma'ariv and still warm by the time we got back to break our fasts.

Dinner was much appreciated by both of the guys. (I wasn't quite as thankful for my bowl of rice and potato chips - but trust me - you wouldn't have been either.)

Tomorrow is grocery shopping day and 'health-food-store' shopping day and I'm quite excited about it!

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