Monday, August 22, 2011


I know - I know. I've been missing for (over) a week. Hard to believe it's been so long.

The good news is that you haven't missed much of anything in my life. Last week wasn't much fun at all. I spent every day on the couch wondering whether it would be allowable for me to go into a coma or die. My stomach hasn't been acting quite up to par and nothing seems to make it better. Nausea coupled with excruciating gut-pains were highly uncomfortable.

To make things a bit easier we decided to move into the Fambily Place in The Sun House for a little while. That way there's a somewhat climate controlled environment (a/c) and I don't need to be scared of being home alone. (Yup, you read that right - it's happened again - I felt so miserable that I was actually scared to be left home alone.)

Anyway, we've been in The Sun House since last Thursday. I'm not feeling significantly better but at least I've started eating again. (Or rather, I've reached a point where I can force-feed myself food so that I'm actually taking in calories on a daily basis.)

In addition to the ridiculousness of the stomach problems - I'm spending 12 hours this week taking that mandatory driving refresher course that I wrote about back in June. It's a government scam but it's legit and failure to attend a course and pass the exam at the end will result in a moratorium on your drivers license next time you need to renew it. (Meaning you need to repeat the entire 'licensing' procedure that most people do at the age of 16-18 - theory test, 30-something lessons, road test...) Anyway, all things considered it seems easier to just take the stupid refresher-course. It's just annoying because it is only offered in specific cities, in Hebrew and the hours are from 5pm-9pm. So far I made it though the first class (of 3) and I'm hoping I'll manage to sit through the next 2 - they're Tuesday and Thursday night.

Z is being a real saint. He bused to The Middle of Nowhere today to go to class - he had to be on a bus at 6:20am to make it to school by 9. Then he came all the way back to The Sun House. He's incredible.

In other news:
The Freddies are in Swissland.
Timmy is officially out of the army and is currently bottle-feeding a hummingbird with broken legs.
Phil bought me a new pre-tied bandana to replace my destroyed black one.
Frank McNugget is expanding his musical repertoire - he's branching out to bass.
Dibble made a new friend (Liron from across the street) he spends a lot of time there, because Liron's family has a wii...

That's about all I can think of for now. So I guess I'll be back when I'm feeling better, when I've got something else to report or if another weeks goes by before either of those things end up happening...

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