Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toffee Matters!

It's been almost a week since my last update and I wish I could say that I've been busy doing productive stuff but truth be told I've spent most of that time trying to force food into my system. (Sounds like fun, doesn't it?)

Last Thursday I finished up my mandatory 12-hour driving-refresher-course (which my amazing father graciously accompanied me to - to help me keep my sanity and to be my part-time translator.) This afternoon I received a highly anticipated SMS from the driving school which let me know that my worrying could now come to an end - by the grace of G-d and much patience from my father I passed the driving refresher course. (Now in theory I shouldn't need to take another one for at least the next decade.)

Shabbos last week was a lot of fun. On Friday afternoon Z and I visited with S&S for a little while. We couldn't stay long because candle-lighting was quickly approaching but it was great to see them. Saturday was Phil's 18th (English) birthday so we partied it up! Her friend Chavers came for the weekend and we all had an awesome time hanging out.

Sunday came way too quickly and not too much happened on it. As a matter of fact - I can't remember anything that happened on Sunday.

Yesterday was super busy. Z traveled back to Ariel in the super-early morning because he had class. Yo'Abba washed our car (because it was covered in ickiness and berries.) Timmy moved to Jeru - he's got an apartment with 2 friends in a super-convenient location smack-dab in the center of town.

This morning started off with a faux rainstorm/hurricane, a power outage and some vampires - but not all at the same time. Then we came back to the-middle-of-nowhere.

Hard to believe that this summer's vacation has come to an end. Frank McNugget & the Dibble start school at the end of the week. The weather is even cooling down.

Z is being amazing. He's actually washing out the fridge (because I got annoyed at the gross icky sticky spots all over it.)

As a reward I'm making him some super-delicious manicotti for dinner.

Not sure that it balances out - but maybe I'll make him an awesome breakfast tomorrow too...

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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