Monday, August 01, 2011

Watch Out For Nuts!

I know today was Rosh Chodesh and the beginning of the 9-days but I was itching to get things accomplished today. I started off washing the dishes that had been accumulating on the counter. Then I moved on to cleaning the guest bathroom - toilet, sink and bathtub. Z left for school and was kind enough to take out the trash so the next thing I did was put the kitchen garbage can into the bathtub and clean it out with bleach (man that thing gets disgusting sometimes.)

I then figured that Z would be hungry when he got back from school so I decided to make something nice for him. However, I was completely out of mushrooms. I got dressed and headed out to the grocery store when I picked up a 2-pack of mushrooms for 10shekels and 2.5 kg of beautiful, red, firm, plum tomatoes for 5shekels.

Back at Home I mixed up a batch of pizza dough and while it rose I sauteed some onions and mushrooms. I assembled 8 perfectly sized calzones (filled with half a slice of gilboa cheese, some of the vegetable mixture, 1.5 Tbsp cottage cheese seasoned with S&P, a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and finally the other half slice of Gilboa to hold it all in.) I made a tiny hole on top of each one then brushed them with egg wash and baked for half and hour.

Once the food was made I took a good look around the kitchen and realized that more cleaning was in order. I cleaned the stovetop, counters, sink and then even did a complete job scrubbing the drying-racks that we dry the dishes on. Once everything was dry I decided to bake something to make the house smell good so I put together a pan of 'Oatmeal Cookie Pizza'.

At around 6pm our landlord arrived. It's that time of the year when we settle our accounts and sign a rental contract for the next year. We sat down around the table and I offered everyone a cold drink. Once the paperwork was done I offered some of the desserts I had prepared - then I realized that it was 6:30pm and that it was very likely that our landlord had come straight from work and was hungry - so I offered him dinner and that's how we introduced him to calzones. He was extremely appreciative and his visit was quite delightful - we spent about an hour sitting and shmoozing then he had to leave.

I made some 'Kaskasoon' for Zsh for dinner (p'titim with sauteed onion and chickpeas) and we watched some tv while he ate. (We're watching Season 11 of Good Eats - we love this show!)

Overall a very busy and productive day.

So far so good and in just a few days we'll be in The Sun House!

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