Wednesday, September 28, 2011


When I was in one of the younger grades the word 'bin' appeared on the weekly 'spelling list' in school.

The tests were tricky because the teacher would pronounce the word and then you'd have to write it down.

For some reason on the 'pre-test' I spelled it 'been' because that's the way it sounded. She marked it incorrect and I lost points.

On the 'weekly spelling test' I apparently spaced-out because I spelled it 'been' again.

Again she marked it wrong and I lost points. I was so confused because 'been' is spelled right, even if it's not the intended word.

Why couldn't she have reminded me that just because they sound the same doesn't mean that they share a common definition.

I'm sure I could've gotten 100%.

And that folks is one of the stories that I contribute to my hatred of all things school related.

Mess a well-meaning kid up in their early years - you mess them up for life.

The proof is in the pudding.

Who let me blog at 5:30am?!  Why am I even awake at 5:30am?!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cheeze Doodles or Jellybeans?!

Shabbos was extremely quiet. I dragged myself out of the house on Friday morning and picked up salatim for Z in town.

The best part of the whole weekend was that Sarah Leah came to stay from Thursday evening until late Sunday  afternoon. She kept me company and took great care of me. (Z took great care of me too - like he has been and I'm sure he will keep doing.) But it was really nice not to be home all alone when he went out to shul.

In other VERY exciting news, Z took his driving theory test today (that's the written test that you need to take before you can take driving lessons...) Anyway, he passed!!!! Finally!!! Now he can start taking all thirty-something of those pesky lessons.

It rained a whole bunch early this afternoon. The weather has been crisp and cool and it's making me feel all mock-autumny. It's kind of nice. I'm happy to be wearing sweats around the house and if this continues I might just take out my boots too!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Chicken Pot Pies...

Look it! Look it! My pepperlings are actually growing!!!! I am SO excited!!!!
There are a whole bunch peeking out! I get a thrill out of going out every day and seeing new ones!
 Heeheehee! This is SO exciting!!!
 And of course - our one tiny orange. I hope that with some more TLC and an 'in-home' winter we might be able to coax the tree back to life for next season...
 Our week's worth of dust accumulation on the bookshelves in the office. No - it's not only on the bookshelves. It's everywhere - on the couches, floors, shelves, beds, counters, everything!!! It's DISGUSTING!!! Stupid construction!!! Can't it be winter-cold already so I can close the doors and windows and not suffocate?!
 This was a HUGE pile of enormous boulders about a week and a half ago... now all that's left is a pile of gravel from the rock-shmuncher-machine... And they've carted most of it off to the bottom of the construction area.
Til' next week!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Carrot Soup & A Zhuzher...

I hate those 'almost empty' bottles that tend to accumulate in my bathroom. I went on a spree a while back and decided to use up all of them. I decided not to be picky about matching scents or even using the same brands. (I cover my hair so who cares if it dies...right?) I finally did it. I finished off all of the 'just about done' bottles. But I had run out of shampoo long before running out of conditioner (strange - I know, it's usually the other way around.) So I bought new shampoo only to need to buy some new conditioner - which I eventually did. What is the point of me telling you all of this? Simply put - it smells so good that I want to move into the conditioner bottle.

So - if you're looking for me and can't seem to find me...check in the bottle.

In other news - today Z bought me a white chocolate 'Magnum' ice cream bar from the ice cream truck. It was my one and only of the whole summer. It was totally worth the wait!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

198 Days To Go...

Why is it that for the entire duration of time that I felt like a functional human being the government had a 'building freeze' on the settlements and all day every day was wasted time.

Now that I feel like a sick piece of junk the construction crews show up at 5am to 'wash' the machinery, then turn on the machines to 'warm the engines' at 6am and by 6:45am they are breaking apart a mountain outside my bedroom window. Did I mention that they've been working 10-12 hour days to 'make up' for their month-long break over Ramadan?!

Is the government out to get me? I know they hate their citizens but seriously, can't they have some mercy?!

I just want to sleep!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Gogo for You

Friday was a typical crazy day in The Sun House. Cooking and prepping and cleaning and screaming...the usual. Thankfully by the time we had to light candles everything was done. The meal was delicious (and somewhat reminiscent of Thanksgivings gone by.) After dinner everyone kind of drifted off to sleep.

Shabbos day was highly entertaining. Mr. Freddie davened musaf so Mean'ma made sure to get to shul in time. Lunch was deeeelicious - because strips of perfectly seasoned and grilled steak and chicken breast can never be bad. After lunch I read for a little under an hour then Sara came to visit! 2 games of Settlers and 1 of 'Cities&Knights' and suddenly it was time for mincha, then maariv, then shabbos was over!

On motzei-shabbat we drove over to S&S's house to wish Savta a VERY happy (english) birthday! The sign came out really nicely (in my opinion) and a good time was had by all. Chocolate decadence cake, potato chips, amazing smelling popcorn, fresh fruity melon! The perfect melava malka.

On Sunday morning after a breakfast of 'toast and spreads' the girls took a road-trip to 'BIG'. We bought fun kitchen-y and serving stuff at H&O (because Bezeq sent me 6 really cool coupons to use.) I also finally went to Office Depot and bought myself a new box of my favorite pens.

The Crazy Lady drove us Home and on our way into the city we dropped off a Yaffa package at the yeshiva then ran into Mega to pick up some groceries. Back at Home we unpacked everything and had some lunch.

Just in case anyone is looking for a super-special holiday type food - Osem is making a special 'cinnamon and coffee' flavored run of their awesomely amazing tea biscuits. I'm reckoning that they will make an absolutely incredible crust for sweet potato or pumpkin pie. I know one thing that I'm going to be making anyway...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cinnamon Coffee Deliciousness...

We were very productive today...
Frizzie found a hat to wear. He says it's great for sleeping and all sorts of weather. He's a strange little bear. 
 When your car says the following - it is probably time to visit your local garage...
 This kasha button was VERY happy to see me. Ok, so he looks a little scared. Don't worry little button - I won't eat you!
 Frizzie went hunting for the perfect colored crayon to color in Sarah Leah's birthday sign!
I'm still very excited about Shabbos! Bring it on!!!

Signing off from The Sun House (again...)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Samuel's Rock

Shabbos was delightfully relaxing. Phil was here and we had a whole lot of fun. She especially enjoyed her meat&potato pie. (Z enjoyed his too.)

On Sunday The Crazy Lady drove out to the-middle-of-nowhere and picked Phil it. We had a nice little lunch when she got here and then they headed Home.

Monday was extremely boring. The most exciting thing to happen was an excursion to the grocery store.

Tuesday was noisy beyond belief. After a month of no construction the crew was outside banging away at the mountain before 6:30am. Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me, not that anybody does... They actually worked for about 13 hours (with only 2 half-hour breaks during the day.) Maybe they're trying to make up for lost time or something?

Which brings us to today - Wednesday... Not a clue what's going to happen today yet. Though, the construction crew has been outside making noise since 6:45am...

Friday, September 09, 2011

Kumquats or Prunes?

I know I shouldn't laugh but the funniest thing I saw today was three young boys playing outside.

The two skinny ones were riding on small 'wheel-y toys' and they were chasing the third heavier-set one down the street.*

If G-d has it all figured out in the 'Master-Plan' and you only see things that are supposed to teach you a lesson...well, I'm just wondering what moral exactly to take away from this one.

Have a great Shabbos!

(*Just a sidenote - they were all having fun and laughing, it wasn't some sort of bullying or torture session.)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Have you ever been having a less than rosy week and every day seems harder and harder to get through? Then suddenly one morning you wake up and you just know that if you can manage to push yourself a little past your limit that maybe, just maybe today can be a little bit better.
 So you push yourself - as hard as you can - to a point where you think you might break and just as you doubt that you can make it a single act of unexpected thoughtfulness and kindness comes your way, picks you up and drenches you in a feeling of such warmth and euphoria that you blow right past any imagined goals. 
That's what happened to me today.

It was wonderful.

Thank you.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Bases & Folds

Not too much of interest has happened - I figured I'd post just to let you know that I'm still alive.

Our services were not required on Sunday so we didn't end up helping our friends move to their new home. They're all settled in though - not to worry.

Monday was tedious, seemingly endless and boring. Z had class in the morning and wound up spending an extra 3 hours on campus 'doing the school a favor' in the evening. (They had a group of poli-sci students from the US visiting and wanted them visitors to have the chance to hear all about attending university in a controversial 'settlement' city 'in' Israel.) The highlight of my day was that I 'skype-d' with Freddie. They're still in Swiss-Cheese-Land but they'll be Home next week.

Today wasn't really any better than yesterday except that Z had class in the afternoon so he was Home all morning. I pulled myself together enough to put-together a flyer/poster for a client - (one thing out of a bazillion off the 'to-do' list) but wasn't overly productive otherwise. Z checked the mail and there was a 'petek' addressed to me. Supposedly there is a package waiting for me at the post office. (I'm admittedly a little nervous because the last time one of these slips came it turned out to be a registered letter from 'misrad hatachbura' (Ministry of Transportation) informing me that I was required to take a mandatory 12 hour driving refresher course for no reason other than that I'd had the privilege of holding an Israeli drivers license for a minimum period of 5 full years. (Remember that fiasco? Just got resolved 2 weeks ago. I passed if you had forgotten. I haven't quite gotten over the whole traumatic experience yet.) Suffice it to say - I'm not in the least bit excited about the package waiting for me. You might say nervous and/or anxious...

In exciting news 2 of my pepper-plantling buds flowered! I'm hoping that's a good sign and that this means that peppers are on the way! Also, I've noticed a lot more buds on a whole bunch of the other plants! It's so very exciting!

Nothing else to report. Til' next time...

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Jojo & Gemma...

Friday was quite the interesting day. Z did all of the cooking for Shabbos. He even made the soup and the challah. (Can you tell how pathetic I've been feeling?) I managed to pull myself together enough to drive him down to the shul for 'early mincha' but as we pulled up we noticed the usual early-minyan-goers milling about in front of the building. Turns out they only had 8 guys. By the time #9 and 10 showed up a few others had left including the one with the key to the shul. So Z got back in the car and we drove back up the mountain.

Thankfully Shabbos was more or less quiet and relaxing. Aside from waking up at 6am wondering if the world was burning down - because tons of smoke had blown in from somewhere downwind and was threatening to asphyxiate me in my bed. Then of course at 7:45am when some construction worker showed up turned on one of the huge earthmoving-machines and proceeded to wash the entire thing while the motor ran for about 45 minutes before shutting it off and leaving - for the day. And yes - today WAS Saturday. Seeing how things were going I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when 3 families on the block decided that today was the optimal day for parties and loud-music blaring in their gardens (or better yet - blaring from their living rooms loudly enough for them to hear in their gardens.) The next place I live will NOT be in an apartment building and will NOT be surrounded by people with no common courtesy for their neighbors.

Tomorrow morning we're going to help friends of ours move from Rova Bet to their new place in Rova Alef. It'll be nice to spend some time with them and it's good to have an excuse to get out and socialize.

Not sure what else is planned for this week yet. Hopefully I'll keep you in the loop...

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Bor + Even = good way to get rid of a rasha...

Today was kind of lame.

I spent many of the early morning hours (3am-6am) awake dealing with a very sad tummy. For that reason I spent most of the day exhausted.

I'm happy to say that I managed to drink almost 2 liters of water today which is super-good.

I really have to give myself a mani/pedi.

Turns out that we're having 2 guests for Shabbos lunch. This is a new development, so now I've got to make challah tomorrow morning (cause the 3 tiny rolls in the freezer just aren't going to be enough.) At least the chicken soup and matzah balls are made.

Just in case you wondered about weird weather - it rained last night. Quite a bit. How strange is that? Rain in Israel on the last night of August...creepy.

Tomorrow - laundry, cooking, cleaning and finally Shabbos.

Bring it on...