Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Bases & Folds

Not too much of interest has happened - I figured I'd post just to let you know that I'm still alive.

Our services were not required on Sunday so we didn't end up helping our friends move to their new home. They're all settled in though - not to worry.

Monday was tedious, seemingly endless and boring. Z had class in the morning and wound up spending an extra 3 hours on campus 'doing the school a favor' in the evening. (They had a group of poli-sci students from the US visiting and wanted them visitors to have the chance to hear all about attending university in a controversial 'settlement' city 'in' Israel.) The highlight of my day was that I 'skype-d' with Freddie. They're still in Swiss-Cheese-Land but they'll be Home next week.

Today wasn't really any better than yesterday except that Z had class in the afternoon so he was Home all morning. I pulled myself together enough to put-together a flyer/poster for a client - (one thing out of a bazillion off the 'to-do' list) but wasn't overly productive otherwise. Z checked the mail and there was a 'petek' addressed to me. Supposedly there is a package waiting for me at the post office. (I'm admittedly a little nervous because the last time one of these slips came it turned out to be a registered letter from 'misrad hatachbura' (Ministry of Transportation) informing me that I was required to take a mandatory 12 hour driving refresher course for no reason other than that I'd had the privilege of holding an Israeli drivers license for a minimum period of 5 full years. (Remember that fiasco? Just got resolved 2 weeks ago. I passed if you had forgotten. I haven't quite gotten over the whole traumatic experience yet.) Suffice it to say - I'm not in the least bit excited about the package waiting for me. You might say nervous and/or anxious...

In exciting news 2 of my pepper-plantling buds flowered! I'm hoping that's a good sign and that this means that peppers are on the way! Also, I've noticed a lot more buds on a whole bunch of the other plants! It's so very exciting!

Nothing else to report. Til' next time...

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