Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cheeze Doodles or Jellybeans?!

Shabbos was extremely quiet. I dragged myself out of the house on Friday morning and picked up salatim for Z in town.

The best part of the whole weekend was that Sarah Leah came to stay from Thursday evening until late Sunday  afternoon. She kept me company and took great care of me. (Z took great care of me too - like he has been and I'm sure he will keep doing.) But it was really nice not to be home all alone when he went out to shul.

In other VERY exciting news, Z took his driving theory test today (that's the written test that you need to take before you can take driving lessons...) Anyway, he passed!!!! Finally!!! Now he can start taking all thirty-something of those pesky lessons.

It rained a whole bunch early this afternoon. The weather has been crisp and cool and it's making me feel all mock-autumny. It's kind of nice. I'm happy to be wearing sweats around the house and if this continues I might just take out my boots too!

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