Friday, September 23, 2011

Chicken Pot Pies...

Look it! Look it! My pepperlings are actually growing!!!! I am SO excited!!!!
There are a whole bunch peeking out! I get a thrill out of going out every day and seeing new ones!
 Heeheehee! This is SO exciting!!!
 And of course - our one tiny orange. I hope that with some more TLC and an 'in-home' winter we might be able to coax the tree back to life for next season...
 Our week's worth of dust accumulation on the bookshelves in the office. No - it's not only on the bookshelves. It's everywhere - on the couches, floors, shelves, beds, counters, everything!!! It's DISGUSTING!!! Stupid construction!!! Can't it be winter-cold already so I can close the doors and windows and not suffocate?!
 This was a HUGE pile of enormous boulders about a week and a half ago... now all that's left is a pile of gravel from the rock-shmuncher-machine... And they've carted most of it off to the bottom of the construction area.
Til' next week!!!

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