Monday, September 19, 2011

A Gogo for You

Friday was a typical crazy day in The Sun House. Cooking and prepping and cleaning and screaming...the usual. Thankfully by the time we had to light candles everything was done. The meal was delicious (and somewhat reminiscent of Thanksgivings gone by.) After dinner everyone kind of drifted off to sleep.

Shabbos day was highly entertaining. Mr. Freddie davened musaf so Mean'ma made sure to get to shul in time. Lunch was deeeelicious - because strips of perfectly seasoned and grilled steak and chicken breast can never be bad. After lunch I read for a little under an hour then Sara came to visit! 2 games of Settlers and 1 of 'Cities&Knights' and suddenly it was time for mincha, then maariv, then shabbos was over!

On motzei-shabbat we drove over to S&S's house to wish Savta a VERY happy (english) birthday! The sign came out really nicely (in my opinion) and a good time was had by all. Chocolate decadence cake, potato chips, amazing smelling popcorn, fresh fruity melon! The perfect melava malka.

On Sunday morning after a breakfast of 'toast and spreads' the girls took a road-trip to 'BIG'. We bought fun kitchen-y and serving stuff at H&O (because Bezeq sent me 6 really cool coupons to use.) I also finally went to Office Depot and bought myself a new box of my favorite pens.

The Crazy Lady drove us Home and on our way into the city we dropped off a Yaffa package at the yeshiva then ran into Mega to pick up some groceries. Back at Home we unpacked everything and had some lunch.

Just in case anyone is looking for a super-special holiday type food - Osem is making a special 'cinnamon and coffee' flavored run of their awesomely amazing tea biscuits. I'm reckoning that they will make an absolutely incredible crust for sweet potato or pumpkin pie. I know one thing that I'm going to be making anyway...

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