Saturday, September 03, 2011

Jojo & Gemma...

Friday was quite the interesting day. Z did all of the cooking for Shabbos. He even made the soup and the challah. (Can you tell how pathetic I've been feeling?) I managed to pull myself together enough to drive him down to the shul for 'early mincha' but as we pulled up we noticed the usual early-minyan-goers milling about in front of the building. Turns out they only had 8 guys. By the time #9 and 10 showed up a few others had left including the one with the key to the shul. So Z got back in the car and we drove back up the mountain.

Thankfully Shabbos was more or less quiet and relaxing. Aside from waking up at 6am wondering if the world was burning down - because tons of smoke had blown in from somewhere downwind and was threatening to asphyxiate me in my bed. Then of course at 7:45am when some construction worker showed up turned on one of the huge earthmoving-machines and proceeded to wash the entire thing while the motor ran for about 45 minutes before shutting it off and leaving - for the day. And yes - today WAS Saturday. Seeing how things were going I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when 3 families on the block decided that today was the optimal day for parties and loud-music blaring in their gardens (or better yet - blaring from their living rooms loudly enough for them to hear in their gardens.) The next place I live will NOT be in an apartment building and will NOT be surrounded by people with no common courtesy for their neighbors.

Tomorrow morning we're going to help friends of ours move from Rova Bet to their new place in Rova Alef. It'll be nice to spend some time with them and it's good to have an excuse to get out and socialize.

Not sure what else is planned for this week yet. Hopefully I'll keep you in the loop...

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