Wednesday, September 28, 2011


When I was in one of the younger grades the word 'bin' appeared on the weekly 'spelling list' in school.

The tests were tricky because the teacher would pronounce the word and then you'd have to write it down.

For some reason on the 'pre-test' I spelled it 'been' because that's the way it sounded. She marked it incorrect and I lost points.

On the 'weekly spelling test' I apparently spaced-out because I spelled it 'been' again.

Again she marked it wrong and I lost points. I was so confused because 'been' is spelled right, even if it's not the intended word.

Why couldn't she have reminded me that just because they sound the same doesn't mean that they share a common definition.

I'm sure I could've gotten 100%.

And that folks is one of the stories that I contribute to my hatred of all things school related.

Mess a well-meaning kid up in their early years - you mess them up for life.

The proof is in the pudding.

Who let me blog at 5:30am?!  Why am I even awake at 5:30am?!


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