Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Samuel's Rock

Shabbos was delightfully relaxing. Phil was here and we had a whole lot of fun. She especially enjoyed her meat&potato pie. (Z enjoyed his too.)

On Sunday The Crazy Lady drove out to the-middle-of-nowhere and picked Phil it. We had a nice little lunch when she got here and then they headed Home.

Monday was extremely boring. The most exciting thing to happen was an excursion to the grocery store.

Tuesday was noisy beyond belief. After a month of no construction the crew was outside banging away at the mountain before 6:30am. Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me, not that anybody does... They actually worked for about 13 hours (with only 2 half-hour breaks during the day.) Maybe they're trying to make up for lost time or something?

Which brings us to today - Wednesday... Not a clue what's going to happen today yet. Though, the construction crew has been outside making noise since 6:45am...

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