Sunday, October 09, 2011

Big Salt

That was decidedly the strangest Yom Kippur I've ever kept. Still, I actually made it to shul for chazarat hash"atz of neila so I was pretty impressed with myself.

For breakfast everyone enjoyed some homemade bagels which Phil & Z made on Friday morning. (Yo'Abba bought a few from the bagel-store for 'just in case' but now they're in deep-freeze-storage because the homemade ones were very very tasty.)

I got myself weighed and measured this morning. Still haven't gained back what I lost 2 months ago, and actually somehow managed to lose 2 of the kg that I fought to gain back. Not sure how that's possible - but the dr. isn't worried, so I won't be either. In good news my blood pressure has hit the new 'golden standard' of 110/70. The nurse was highly impressed. At least something good came of the visit. Heeheehee.

Phil made me some potatoes for 3rd lunch which were quite delicious then I chowed down on a snack from 3:30-4 - ok, it was a lot of snacks. But I need it, right?

They're building the big famBily sukkah outside now and I'm thinking I should go and cheer them on.

I'm excited to bake for Sukkot. A batch of regular rainbow cookies and a batch of monochrome rainbow cookie (ff!) Hooray!!!

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