Monday, October 31, 2011

Crunchy Shell

Friday was insanely busy. It was the first time I'd cooked Shabbos in almost 4 months. That's a long time by my standards. Z cleaned the house from top-to-bottom because it was so ridiculously dusty that neither of us could breathe.

Sara joined us for the weekend. It was extremely relaxing and highly enjoyable. I drugged Z with Dayquils/Nyquils as he needed them because his cold seemed to take a turn for the worse after inhaling all of the dust while cleaning. Thankfully by Sunday morning he was feeling a lot better.

Meal List from Shabbos - just so I don't forget:

Friday Night: challah, chumus, matbucha (homemade fresh), roasted garlic, chicken soup with matzah balls, Moroccan spiced chicken, jasmine rice, green beans with salt and garlic

Shabbos Lunch: challah, chumus, matbucha (homemade fresh), tomato onion quiche, potato blintzes with fried onions, sliced veggie platter

Desserts: candy apples, caramel apples, PB CC oat cookies, brownies with chocolate chunks

Sunday morning I went for (yet another) blood test. My veins were in an extremely playful sort of mood and kept disappearing when the nurse stuck the needle in. She apologized profusely (and I couldn't really blame her - the vein HAD been there when she started putting the needle in) but it took about 4 pokes and a bit of jiggling to get some blood out and it didn't really flow - just sort of dripped, so the whole process took a lot longer than I would've liked. Even more annoying was the long wait to go in for the test. There were 5 people ahead of me and somehow it took 45 minutes for my turn to arrive. Remind me not to go on a Sunday morning ever again.

The best part of Sunday was that while I was out getting poked//prodded and waiting... Z got up and made a batch of the most delicious fluffy buttermilk waffles ever! So when I got Home I drowned them in maple syrup and devoured half a dozen of them! Deeeeeeeelicious!!!

Dinner last night almost didn't happen. We couldn't agree on whose turn it was to cook. Eventually I got frustrated enough that I decided to just make what I was in the mood for. Turns out sesame noodles were a good choice. I lightly steamed: carrots, green beans and baby corn which I tossed with the seasoned noodles. We ate them warm and delicious for dinner and before putting the leftovers away I added sesame seeds, some extra soy sauce and a dash of garlic powder so that they'd pack a flavor-punch when eating them cold for lunch - which I plan to do today and tomorrow and well - to be honest every day until they run out. Cause they are just THAT good.

I had been hoping that Z's game-crew would come over tonight because it would have given me a perfect excuse to bake a bunch of fun Halloween treats - but Z didn't make it to class this morning on account of his cough and some unfinished homework. Anyway - by the time noon had rolled around all desire to spend hours in the kitchen had somewhat dissipated. But it still left me feeling super-sad because I'd had all these excitingly fun plans for caramel corn, black&orange cookies and other fun stuff - but I guess I'll just have to keep it bottled up until 2014 - which is the next year that Halloween falls out on Shabbos which means I can legitimately sneak in Challaween on Friday night. (I find it amusingly ironic to have pagan Halloween on Jewish Sabbath - I just can't help it. Ok?! I like the color scheme and can't help that I love candy and all the autumny-fun-stuff we associate with it.)

So what am I doing today? Well, I've been awake since 6:30am and have eaten enough to satisfy a small cow, but it hasn't even made a dent in my appetite (which I guess is a good thing.) I should probably get off the couch and take a walk, 15-30 minutes would do me good.

Maybe I'll bake those cookies anyway - I just really want cookies...

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