Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finger Cookies

Monday was a super-busy day of chol hamoed 'round these parts. Debs and the little came to visit for an awesomely fun(ny) lunch (prepared by Z.) Yo'Abba had quite a good time pulling out big yellow trucks, knights and pirates to play with! The afternoon was by no means relaxed - The Crazy Lady got dinner cooking as the concert set-up and by the time the music started Sarah Leah arrived after a 1.5 hour bus-ride and Timmy made it home after 2 hours on the road. (Don't we ALL just love rt 38 traffic?) Little Brother stopped by to visit and left more enlightened than he arrived. Akiva&Emunah stopped by before rushing off to hear Udi Davidi from the front of the Stage with Yo'Abba. Then at 10:45 as Moshav Band wound down their set, Feige & Shani stopped by bearing benchers and to share wedding pics. Suffice it to say bed-time didn't roll around until a little after 1 in the morning.

I've been coughing/sneezing and slightly congested since last Friday but I figured it was just an allergy related thing (weather changing and all - it happens every year - doesn't it?) But spending 2 hours in the car on Sunday sent my delicate and slightly-compromised immune system in to a super-dee-duper downward spiral so the few hours I spent in bed on Monday night were occupied by much nose-blowing, coughing and sneezing. Sadly things only got worse on Tuesday when I went into complete breakdown mode. After 4 rounds of salt-water sinus-irrigation, close to 300 tissues, 2 liters of water and about 5 cups of tea - I actually managed to sleep for a few hours last night.

With all of the germs and whatnot we cancelled our holiday plans to go to Petach Tikva and are staying in The Sun House until next Monday afternoon (since I have a dr's appt on Monday morning.) Then we'll rush back Home so Z can go to his first day of classes. Yay for school!

I can't wait for vacation to be over so I can get some rest in the quiet of my own Home. At least I hope it'll be quiet. Maybe the rains can start, heavy and frequent - that way the construction noise will be kept to a minimum...

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