Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Give me my pencil.

Here's the deal - I went grocery shopping today and for some impulsive reason I bought 10 tiny round and adorable apples.

With me all nostalgic, autumn in full-swing in the good ol' USofA, apple picking season well-underway and Halloween coming up in just a few days I don't think I can be held accountable for craving candy covered and caramel smothered apples. Really, I mean - who isn't?

Anyway - point of this ramble is that I am 'chalishing' no, make that 'plotzing' to make some of the divine creations myself. Problem is - I can't realistically eat the apples, and the coatings all have corn syrup in them so...I'm not quite sure where the point in making them would be.

I suppose it is almost worth the effort of going through all the trouble just to photograph the darn things,  post the pictures and make a couple hundred other people drool...

Oh, is that sadistic twisted and evil?

Yeah, maybe.

But I'm thinking that it might just validate the whole experience.

Alright, it's settled.

Tomorrow will be the day of the apple.

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