Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Prunes Mmmm...

Since when do I love citrus fruits? I ate grapefruits with Phil in The Sun House and that got me in the mood for pomelit, so I ate 1/2 of one today. Man oh man it is refreshing and delicious! I like them a tad on the sweet side - so I might have to switch over to pomelos... I guess I'll pick some up tomorrow.

I did 5 loads of laundry today. Yup - all the laundry from the last month. I think I'm good for a while now.

I surprised myself actually because I pushed myself and forced myself to make a healthy nutritious dinner. Second night in a row. Truth be told, it wasn't as rewarding as last night's feast - but it still turned out quite tasty.

I whipped up a 'kinda-version' of these vegetable cutlets. I say 'kinda' because I used a different array of spices (though I did stick to the garam masala/cayenne/curry combo somewhat) and the veggies I added were carrots/zucchini/peas which I steamed to just-before-perfection. (I used my steamer-basket-majig for the very first time! Heehee! I've had it long enough!) then I shaped the mixture into 2 tsp patties, coated them in breadcrumbs, sprayed them with some cooking-spray and baked them for 40 minutes (flipping once in the middle) til' the crumbs were golden brown, crispy and delicious.

For the protein portion of the meal I figured I might as well use up the breadcrumbs, so I coated some chicken fillets and fried up some shnitzel.

I hope Z enjoyed the meal. I know I did.

Even more stuff to do tomorrow. I'd better get some sleep tonight!

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