Wednesday, November 16, 2011

19+5 = Beans

The days just keep flying by. One might think I was actually busy based on my lack-of-posting. That would be partly accurate. I've been busy sleeping 11 hours every night (does it count if you wake up a zillion times?) and writing proposals for clients (though I'm still waiting for 'go aheads' and information so that I can actually do the projects.)

Last Shabbos was delightfully relaxing. Ayala came alone and we spent the whole weekend reading. Sunday was quiet and boring but I made a lot of progress on the Snoopy hook-rug.

Monday morning I finally finished the snoopy hook-rug (now it just needs to get washed and framed.) Monday night was super-busy - some of the game-crew was scheduled to come over so I had to make dinner. It was quite chilly so I decided on salad, carrot soup and fresh bread. I made up 2 batches of dough and put them to rise just as an insane thunderstorm knocked out power in the whole city. I found some candles, lit them and settled on the couch praying that the power would come back by the time I had to bake the bread. Thankfully a few minutes after shaping the loaves the lights came back so I preheated the oven and baked up a world of deliciousness. Z and 2 friends arrived soaked through-and-through and after drying off they were quite thrilled to sit down to a warm filling meal.

Next time I make this bread I will bake it in 2 loaf pans instead of as one HUGE braided loaf. It was delicious though - light and fluffy but decidedly bread-y. In an attempt to 'change things up' I diced an onion, sauteed it until softened and kneaded it along with all of the oil into the dough. The leftovers of the onion-loaf made an amazing breakfast - toasted with a drop of salted-butter.

Tuesday was an absolute waste of a day. I did nothing. Z washed the dishes though - so at least something got done in the house.

Which brings us to today. Another Wednesday. Z just left for his 5th driving-lesson (out of 28) - he seems to be doing quite well. The sky is gray and angry looking and I'm wondering if another thunderstorm is on the way. I've got to go out to the grocery store at some point - and would definitely rather do that when it's not pouring.

Looking forward to a quiet weekend. Maybe we'll pull out the radiators for the heck of it (since it's been averaging 64F in the apartment this week - and 62F this morning...)

I'm thinking more soup for dinner. Isn't the winter great?

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