Wednesday, November 09, 2011

2 Tbsps are Perfect

This morning's official (second) breakfast of champions. (That's me - the champion!) My latest easy food-thing is microwaved baked potatoes. I scrub the tuber really well, then dry it off and poke it a whole lot of times with a fork. Then I throw it into the microwave for 5 minutes on high. When it's done I give it a squeeze to see how much more time it'll need then usually reset the timer and let the box 'zap' the spud for another 2-5 minutes. Today after the first 7 minutes I cut the potato open, put some cheese on top and stuck it back in until the cheese got all bubbly and delicious. Oh yes and I'm a very big fan of cranberry juice - I drink it mixed with seltzer. It's got this delightful sour tang to it that I'm kinda sorta hooked on.
In other news - I have a lot of pretty colored fruits and veggies sitting around and begging to be used. Not quite sure what to make yet - but with Shabbos coming I'm sure I'll come up with some brilliant plans. 
Just in case you were wondering where the Pam went - it got a makeover. Instead of short cheap-o looking Pam, now you get tall fancy looking Pam! Isn't that exciting?!
Z loves me. He made a batch of fresh soft pretzels. He makes good doughs because he's got a lot of upper-body-strength. See - sometimes the brawn is more important. Only kidding...or am I?
 Frizzie was pleased with the pretzelicious results. We ate 3 of them for fourth-lunch (or maybe it was pre-dinner? It's hard to keep track...)
Tomorrow - cooking for Shabbos. I mixed up a batch of sugar cookie dough today, so I guess I'll have to bake them tomorrow too.

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