Monday, November 21, 2011

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Because sometimes you say things and they're so true and so funny at the very same time -
"I used up my white wine in the onion soup for shabbos and now I used up my cheese in dinner. So tomorrow I'll go buy wine so I can add it to the leftover soup and cheese so I can finally make myself my broccoli & mushroom calzones! lol! I have big goals."
 Because sometimes things really aren't as simple as they sound -
"the client wants a dove with an olive branch in its mouth, a rainbow that is wide in the middle and narrow at the end makes you think of a circle but isn't shaped like a crescent and 3 words of text (in a line). Also, everything should look 'self-contained' but the image and the text should also be able to be used separately."
Because sometimes the truth is obvious but still needs to be said -
Me to Z: "Minestrone soup & an overstuffed vegetable-pizza-braid for dinner for you and your friends. (And loads of clean socks for your wearing pleasure...) I hope you realize how much I love you."
My earlier post might have made it seem like I was sitting in bed and having a pity-party while beating myself up for not doing anything productive. I just wanted to clarify that the goal of the post was to spur me into action and it sure served its purpose well. I did 4 loads of laundry, changed the sheets on all 4 beds (and washed the linens), scrubbed the guest bathroom clean, washed the shower-rod and hooks in my bathroom and finally changed the shower curtain, sent out a 2nd and 3rd draft of the graphics project I'm working on and phone-conference-d with the client, straightened up the kitchen and the living room and I even made dinner for Z and his friends.

Now it's 9:30pm and I am officially exhausted. Thankfully it's just the guys tonight so I can crash whenever I want. Which is good - cause I'm thinking that 9:45pm would be the perfect bedtime...

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