Monday, November 21, 2011

Bubbles & Flutters

Shabbos seems like it was ages ago - even though today is only Monday.

Friday was a busy day. We went out to town (and took Sara with us.) Our yishuv acceptance letter was waiting for us at the post office, we shmoozed with some friends and then we rushed home so that Z would be on time for his driving lesson.

It was super-chilly on Saturday and I was very happy to have the heaters set up on timers to keep the room warm.

All of the food for the weekend came out amazingly delicious. I made 4 recipes from an old blog that I stumbled across and they all came out really well. Chicken paprikash, 2 knish doughs and a cinnamon cake for dessert. There was a ton of other food too - even though it was just the 2 of us - but the most exciting was the onion soup which I made in the tiny 6 cup crock-pot that Freddie gave to me (because it only makes about 2 bowlfuls of soup and that's nowhere near enough for them.)

Sunday was pretty boring. I did the first draft of that graphics work that was waiting for me - and as predicted the client wants it to look 'smooth &shiny' but his logo is awful colors and pointy. Why don't people realize that you can't quite achieve the same look of a cool-wave of gray, green and black if you're stuck working with a wordy logo with a big star in robin's egg blue and creamsicle orange? I'm sure there are other graphic-artists who could come up with better ideas than I'm getting - but I'm kind of lost on this one. I think this will be my last graphics project. I'm seriously considering closing the tik - I know, I only opened it in May so it's been a short run - but the amount of paperwork and money paid to bituach leumi and an accountant just isn't worth it. I should've listened to the other people who 'told me so' before I wasted the time, energy and effort. Well - now I know.

There are so many things that need to get done around the apartment and I'm just not physically feeling up to doing them, even though my brain is desperate to get stuff organized. It's grossing me out that summer-dust is still coating all of the shelves in the house, and that the top of my fridge is a disaster area, and that the bars on my showers are grimy... Heck, the shower curtain in my bathroom ripped and is now knotted to itself to stay up - I have a new one (that I've been meaning to hang for ages) but I just haven't done it. Plus now it's cold so it makes me want to curl up and hibernate instead of cleaning.

Aaaaand this is why I was supposed to be home before RoshHashana and not on 'sick-leave' in The Sun House. Because the 'cleaning weather' passed too quickly and now my house is going to continue to make me nauseous and grossified (is that even a word?!) until the spring comes - and by then I KNOW I won't have the time or energy to clean everything from top-to-bottom. Ugh. So frustrating!!!

Ok - this post is turning into a rant because everything feels like it's spiraling out of control - even though in reality there is barely anything going on. Not that it matters, I barely spend 5 hours out of bed or off of the couch in a week anyway. This is getting REALLY REALLY old.

Bring back the 74-degree weather!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

Lorelai said...

Glad you enjoyed! I use it as a publicly wordy outlet instead of keeping a diary like a 'normal' person. :)