Thursday, November 24, 2011

Count Roquefort of Cheese...

I woke up at 7:55 this morning. Which I think sounds like a reasonable hour for a self-employed work-from-home gal to be waking up - but for me that's pretty late - so I was already behind-schedule.

To make up for 'oversleeping' I spent the morning lazing around in bed with the laptop. I did get up and organize the ingredients to bake challah at some point - but I quickly decided that it was too cold to be productive so I got back into bed.
On Thursdays in the early afternoon Z has an hour and a half long break between classes. Usually he comes Home and finds himself some lunch but today I dragged him out to town so that we could pick up the last of the things on my shopping list that I wanted for Shabbos.

Late yesterday afternoon I was informed that since it's Thanksgiving Weekend that it would be very much appreciated if I'd make an appropriate meal-plan for the Friday night meal. I had written up a menu on Sunday but I just tossed it out the window and re-wrote the whole thing.
At 3:45 this afternoon I finally got off my lazy bum and started cooking for Shabbos. Challot, lemonade, pie-crusts, matzah ball batter(?), sweet potato pie, chicken soup and miniature corn muffins - because I know Thanksgiving isn't Thanksgiving for Z without the cornbread. (What can I say - I guess I do have a soft spot for him in my heart after all and I love to see him happy.)
To indulge my neurosis I rolled the pie crust a drop thinner than usual and mixed up a bit more filling than the recipe called for so that I would have enough to make a tiny-pie in addition to the big one.

After all - we're having guests for Shabbos and there's no way I was going to serve an 'untried' recipe for the very first time...

Ok. Fine. You got me.

I just REALLY wanted some sweet potato pie.

And man oh man - was it good!

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