Saturday, November 05, 2011

Do a Barrel Roll...

I am officially tired of making small things. Can I quit?

Shabbos was ok. I was so busy coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose I barely noticed the time passing (except for the 4 hours last night which went by at a slow crawl because all I really wanted to do was sleep.) It also rained - quite a bit. It was also notably chilly - which was nice but would be nicer if I could have curled up with a shmoiling hot water bottle on my stomach under my quilt.

As a direct result of being too lazy to turn on my cell-phone on Saturday nights after havdala, Z and I missed out on a 'game night' with a bunch of neighbors on the other side of town. It's alright though - who needs friends when you've got sniffles&tissues, animated movies and leftover chana-masala?

In other news - I've decided that the guys who live upstairs are actually super-heroes.  They have a phone which rings often and a lot. How much is often? Well, it rings at all hours of the day and night - different times every day/night - and when I say all day and night I mean, anytime from 2am to 11pm and anywhere in-between. It also rings a lot - and by 'a lot' I mean that the things 'ringringring's a minimum of 8 annoying 'ringringring's every time (but it has gone up to 35 without any pause.) So the way I figure it - they're super-heroes, the phone is their special line to the mayor and man oh man are they kept BUSY. Well - either that or they're hiding from debt-collectors...

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