Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary Saba&Savta!!!

After spending a night waking up every 40 minutes in order to turn-over I was awake for the day at 7am.

At around 11:30 I drove a container of chicken soup down to a sick neighbor on the other side of town.

On the way Home I stopped at the grocery store with the express purpose of purchasing some ribat-chalav (caramel) filled sufganyot. They had them on Friday but I refused to buy any before it was officially the month of Kislev. Sadly, the store didn't have any.

Z called when class ended and asked whether the donut-hunt had been successful - I told him that sadly the store hadn't had any in stock. He insisted that I pick him up from the traffic-circle at the bottom of the hill and that we go on a mission to find the elusive ribat-chalav sufganyot. Finally - at the 3rd store we went to we achieved our goal - 2 'mini' caramel filled, 1 'mini' vanilla custard filled and 1 'mini' jelly filled. We left the store happy!

At a little after 6pm Z informed me that the game-night-guys were all gung-ho for their weekly game-night.

"Great," I thought to myself "now I've got to think of something to make for dinner for a gang of 4."

Thankfully I stocked up on pasta at the big sale 2 weeks ago (5 bags for 10 shekel. Does it get any better than that?) I decided that I hadn't made penne a'la vodka in a while - and that's how I chose the main-dish.

I mixed up a batch of 'the usual' pizza dough - the only difference being that I kneaded in some garlic & basil infused olive oil at the very end. After the rise I divided the dough into quarters - 1/4 became a personal-ziti-pizza for me and the rest of the dough became 26 'knots' (which I drizzled with extra oil and sprinkled with salt when they came out of the oven.)

The thing I had the most trouble deciding on was dessert. Originally I wanted to make a babka but time kept ticking by and before I knew it there was no time for dough to rise. I was too lazy for cookies and didn't have the energy to squeeze oranges for juice for a cake. I wasn't in the 'mood' for brownies or blondies - but I did have a container of sour-cream in the fridge that really needed to get used. And that's how I found myself making raspbery rugelach with white chocolate. Next time I'll definitely roll the dough out on powdered sugar for a bit of a flavor-upgrade, but the texture of the pastry was spot-on amazing.

The guys all seemed quite satisfied with the meal, the house smelled amazing and I took that as a sign of success.

Now I'm absolutely exhausted. I've got to get up early tomorrow morning so I guess I'll go to sleep as soon as possible.

Literally - I'm going to hit 'publish' and then fall asleep for the night.

I love having a snack-table next to my bed.

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