Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Rugel:Rugelach :: Naah:Naot ?

I can be a little 'anal' at times. There - I admitted it. Cause you know, it wasn't obvious from the way I make armies of perfectly shaped mini-quiches, or the way I refuse to serve 'messy-looking' cookies, or the way I ~insist~ that all of the peel needs to be off of my potatoes and carrots, or the way I cut out all of the white stuff inside of a pepper... Hehe - I feel like I'm incriminating myself in trying to prove this point.

So - one of my pet-peeves is tomato seeds and skins. I just can't help it. I may have learned to tolerate and even sometimes enjoy the flavor of tomato but the skins and seeds are just unpalatable to me. For the record - me liking tomato is major progress from the days of old wherein presented with a slice of pizza I would immediately grab a napkin and a knife to remove the offending cheese and all traces of anything resembling tomato-ness. Oh yeah - and that time I threw a level5 temper-tantrum because some sauce touched the pasta on my plate. (And now I'm wondering how/why my parents never strangled me...)

Back to the point - today I decided to make tomato soup but I was out of tomato paste. How is one expected to make a smooth and creamy tomato soup without tomato paste? (And what did people used to do before tomato paste came in conveniently measured out little packets anyway?) Well - I decided to find out. I stuck some tomatoes in the food processor and pulsed until I had what I supposed would be referred to as 'chopped tomato' then I poured them into a pot with the water, sugar (yeah, I like my tomato-soup sweet), salt and pepper. I let everything boil until I determined that all of the goodness had leeched out of the tomatoes. Then I made up a roux and proceeded to strain the tomato-broth through a relatively-fine-mesh-strainer into the thickener. A quick stir to incorporate everything then I brought the soup up to a boil. An hour to simmer and then - mmmm, heaven in a bowl.

Who needs that processed tomato paste stuff anyway? Not me. That's for sure.

And that's how we get stuff done.

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Rik said...

I make tomato soup the easy way. Saute an onion. Pour in a large bottle of tomato juice. Season with salt & pepper. Yum!

I know, I'm lazy. :-)