Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Spageta Nadl?

In an attempt to utilize my time more efficiently today I decided to be somewhat productive. I'll start with a picture of something I did last week - just to put last week's productivity on display for the sake of comparison. See, last week I made potato blintzes for Shabbos. I actually ended up making them on Friday morning, because I wanted to eat (a lot of) them fresh out of the frying pan, crispy and delicious for lunch on Friday too.
Yesterday I spent the entire day in bed feeling miserable. Z gave me a second cold. It's nice that he wants to share - but why doesn't he ever share nice stuff like candy and chocolate?!
The photo above and below have nothing to do with each other. I bought a (big) popcorn bucket because the idea of having an actual popcorn-vessel made me extremely giddy. I was overcome with excitement and so I bought it. Only when I got Home did I remember that I don't eat popcorn. Reality checks make me sad. Anyway - I still like it - it's hard durable plastic and I think I'll fill it with potato chips or cookies or something else - who knows - maybe even with a whole box of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch...
And just in case you are inspired to make candy here's a little video to show you what you'll be doing most of the time... watching the syrup - checking the thermometer - watching the syrup - checking the thermometer... It's actually a time-consuming process - but it's also super easy.
Tomorrow is Thursday again. Sheesh. Days just fly on by. It's craaaazy!

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