Wednesday, December 28, 2011

100 - For anyone who is counting...

Busy morning.

Menu for Shabbos is figured out.
Z had a driving lesson.
We went to Yesh and shopped as though the grocery stores are all shutting their doors forever.
Unpacked all the groceries and reorganized the kitchen pantry.
Reorganized the 'food pantry' in the guest-room.

Lazy afternoon.

Watched TV.
'Window Shopping' online.
Snacking & eating & snacking & eating & noshing & eating.
I managed to drink a little over 2 liters of water today - that's probably gonna haunt me all night long...

Boring night.

Z is having another 'studio crisis' - where he wasted the 1st half of semester on a project but didn't show the teachers until this past Monday and they hated it so now it's been scrapped and he's back to square 1. Which means a boring lonely night for me while he pulls and all-nighter and gets progressively more frustrated. (Doesn't that sound like fun?!)

Maybe I should have washed the dishes since I need to cook for Shabbos tomorrow and if I have to wake up in the morning and do the dishes I'll lose all willpower to actually cook and then be a wreck on Friday.

Oh man - things just got complicated.

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