Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Today was an exceptionally boring day - but strangely enough it flew by very quickly. It might have had something to do with going to sleep at 2am - or rather, getting into bed at 2am but not being able to fall asleep until almost 3... Then a tiny 'cha-cha' feeling deep in my tummy woke me up at a little before 7am insisting that it was breakfast time.
I figured you'd be more interested in the goodies I cooked for last night's party than in the pics of Z and his crazy friends. (I have yet to make it into one of the pictures - but I'm still trying.) As I wrote about - the donuts had a delicious taste (imparted by the nutmeg in the dough is my guess.) The dulce de leche didn't firm up like it has the last 3 times I made it (though I cooked it for the same 3 hours...) so it was very liquidy (but that didn't stop anyone from filling up their donuts with it.) And I'll be using the leftovers in brownies, on ice cream and in a cake or two as well...

And the latkes - I could cry tears of joy about the amazingness that was the latkes. Never before have I made such fluffy, airy, delicious latkes. Since Z & I differ on the correct consistency for latkes - I was a super-nice-wife and made 2 (full) separate batches - one batch with 'processed' potatoes and the second batch with 'shredded' potatoes. My food processor made the whole shebang move along very smoothly and the hardest part was probably squeezing the liquid out of the potatoes&onions (which I did through a clean kitchen-towel). The seasoning was perfect - freshly ground '4 season' pepper and the perfect amount of salt so that it wasn't discernible as saltiness but rather just enough to bring out all of the flavor in the puffs of deliciousness.

Did I mention that I scooped them with a 1 Tablespoon ice-cream-scoop? (You should know by now how much I love that thing!) so there were A LOT of latkes. (Just to give you an idea of how many - when the whole family was in The Sun House for Shabbos two weekends ago The Crazy Lady made a triple batch of latkes for 10 of us - and had in mind that everyone was eating them as pre-dinner snack and then again at the meal... I made a double batch and there were only going to be 7 people eating them after bread and soup.) So you can understand why I wasn't sure that they'd actually be eaten and I worried about the quantity of leftover I was likely to be 'stuck with' at the end of the night.

However - I knew they'd been a success when they were still being noshed on as the remaining 10 were carried to the kitchen and even as they sat on the counter waiting to be put away people were coming in to sneak another one or two...
Tomorrow is Wednesday which means Z will be 'on the road' for a few hours (so keep off the sidewalks) and when he gets Home we'll go out and do the grocery shopping so that I can cook for Shabbos on Thursday. This week I'm really hoping to get the vast majority of my cooking done on Thursday because lately I've been procrastinating until Friday and the stress is just not worth it. Also - I've got a date with Sara on Friday morning - which means there just won't be time to get everything done.

I guess that means I should finalize figure out my menu for the weekend...

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