Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Eating the Squished Tree...

Yesterday was kind of crazy. The phone rang off the hook (both of them), people came to the door, people wanted e-mail responses... I haven't been in contact with so many people by so many means in ages! It was so weird!
I did find some time to hang up the Chanuka decorations and get the menora out. But by the time the official candle-lighting time rolled around Z was nowhere to be found... Turns out he completely forgot it was the first night of Chanuka. So much for google-calendar and his ipod organizing his life... I got a good laugh about it (in retrospect) though I was far from amused last night as I sat home alone waiting for him to get back from school.
Since last night was such a 'bust' I decided that today should be a super-fun day. I woke up early and forced Z to make me a fancy breakfast. (Ok, 2 breakfasts - but who's counting?!) Then at 11:30ish I made my way across town to Yael's house. We hung out (for the first time in ages!) and actually ended up baking cutout cookies for the shul Chanuka party.
When all of the cookies were baked (and stacked according to shape - because I'm a little obsessive about stuff like that) we said our 'see ya soon's and 'let's not wait ages to do this again's and I headed off to 'town'. I picked up the few things that I needed for Shabbos then drove back up the mountain.
Z was Home when I got there and he was such a gentleman - he came down to the car to meet me and then carried up all of the groceries!
On account of him being so awesome I figured I owed him a nice dinner - but we were out of french fries. So I experimented and made something new. I sliced potatoes into wide rounds then tossed them with a mixture of: salt, pepper, garlic powder, chili powder, parsley flakes, flour, breadcrumbs and olive oil. Then I baked them until they were crispy and delicious. They turned out much better than I'd anticipated (and I thought I'd come up with something brilliant - but then I found out that one of the kids-cookbooks actually has a recipe for something very similar.) Ah well - nothing new under the sun - but darn they were tasty!
So we lit our candles and sang the traditional songs and played with the stuffed animals (cause that's tradition too) then Z got to feast on broiled-tilapia fillets and spice-encrusted-potato-chips while we watched an episode of Good-Eats dedicated to grilling pizza. (Now I really really really really want to grill pizza...)
Tomorrow is going to be a busy but laid-back day. I already mixed up a batch of cookie dough of my very own and am looking forward to baking more sugar cookies - for the fun of it! Then I'll probably bake the challah for Shabbos and maybe even make the soup and quiche. Who knows - maybe I'll manage to organize something or other while I'm at it! (Wouldn't that be industrious of me? Hehehe...)
Anyway - wishing everyone a bright second night and a joyful second day of the Festival of Lights!

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