Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hail the Red Hat with Flaps!

Hello world! Popping in to say 'hi' and 'I'm still alive' and 'I'm much happier today than I was last time I posted'...Sorry for leaving such a sour post up for so many days without an update.

Thankfully the non-physical issues that were exacerbating the stress/anxiety were sorted out between Monday and Tuesday. Including the final transaction required to secure our ownership of a gorgeous 820sq meter lot of land in The Holy Land!!!

Then I actually got a nice 6 hour stretch of sleep on Tuesday night which left me well-rested-enough to be able to drive down to The Sun House on Wednesday afternoon. The drive was actually very pleasant - especially because I downloaded some new music to listen to!

When we got to The Sun House our first stop was at S&S's house. It was wonderful to see them and as an added bonus we got to see Aunt Sharon too! I shared a tiny bit of chocolate with Z, some with Mean'ma and a whole lot of it with Jellybean - who seemed quite content with the awesome treat.

Our next stop was SuperH where we ran amok (~amok amok~) and found a lot of fun stuff (bring on the cow, bring on the sauce and a YoAbba?!)

Back at The Fambily House we put away the groceries and had an all-around good time. Dinner was lightly herbed salmon with seasoned olive oil and pasta with roasted garlic tomato sauce.

Phil came Home from sheirut leumi for dinner because she had worked a 'morning shift' (did I ever mention that she's working in the same machlaka (ward) at Shaarei Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem that Freddie worked in a couple of years ago? How cute is that?!) Anywho - she made awesome barley-flour chocolate chip cookie bars for dessert. (YUM!)

I guess the exhaustion from the beginning of the week hit me because for the 2nd night in a row I slept like a 'log' (well, I got up once but only for about 2 minutes because my bladder refused to be ignored. Heehee, sorry if that was too many details.)

Now it's Thursday and there's tons to do! Appointment up in RBS, baking babka and cookies for loves across the pond (and for Shabbos), errands to run and most importantly ice cream to eat!!!

Now I'm all 'pumped' up and excited to get things done!

(Usually) I love mornings!

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