Thursday, December 01, 2011

Jellybean Likes Jam?

Tuesday was super-boring aside from a nightmarish blood-test in the morning that left me black&blue in one arm and nerve-shot in the other. Silly veins ran for their lives when the saw the needle coming...

Wednesday wasn't too exciting either. I went to Yesh (all by myself! Yay for feeling well enough to go places alone!) Back at Home I cooked up 4 liters of chicken stock and puzzled over the Shabbos menu.

Thursday got off to a super-exciting and disgusting start (good thing we bought that popcorn bucket...) 'Spa-time' was the order of the day - so I pampered myself. (Aside from painting my nails - cause it seems silly to waste the time on polish when I'm going to spend hours in the kitchen...) My doctor appointment went really well. Pleased to share that the weight-gaining-effort has been successful this past month! I've made it back to the weight I was at back in June. This is a VERY good thing!

After finishing at the doctor we went to the fruit&vegetable store. I got a bit over-excited and bought clementines, grapes, and an adorable little cauliflower (for lunch tomorrow.)

I pulled a carrot kugel, corn muffins, matzah balls, challot, and matbucha out of the freezer for Shabbos. I also made a nice-sized tray of eggplant parmesan (I actually breaded and oven-fried the eggplant slices!!!) and there was so much eggplant that there was even enough to make a small tray for Z to enjoy for dinner. The last thing I did was bake up a batch of devil's food cupcakes. I'll frost them tomorrow with a dark chocolate frosting. Yum! Chocolate obsessed...

Not to much to get done tomorrow - so I'm hoping that everything will be finished by no later than 12...I wonder if that will actually happen.

I guess we'll find out!

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