Monday, December 05, 2011


Super fun day today! Definitely more sociable than the last 2 days were. Aviva came to visit and restock her tv-collection.We shmoozed and had a great couple of hours. Then Z came Home for a break between classes and we worked on the house-plans together for a bit.

It was chilly in the kitchen until I turned on the ovens and I actually enjoyed being 'in the swing of' the baking. I didn't get around to the muffins today - but I did wash almost all of the dishes and made a pretty incredible dinner so I feel decidedly productive.

It's kind of a shame that the guys brought assorted beers last week - because they would've gone ridiculously well with tonight's 'super-bowl-party' themed dinner. Though - the plum wine that came with them this week smelled heavenly and amazing!

Speaking of dinner - I tested out 3 news recipes (who better to try them out on than hungry guys?)

Tossed salad - Perfectly seasoned baked potatoes - ('mildly' charifBaked buffalo wings - Pretzel rolls - Pink lemonade to drink and some of these incredibly delicious cinnamon roll bites for dessert.

No pictures because it was dark by the time everything was ready to eat and then the guys got Home and then the food was all gone.

Crazy how that happens!

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