Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Popcorn Bucket...

Fambily weekend in The Sun House was highly enjoyable and successful. I managed to get all of my baking done on Thursday (2 'big' babkas, 3 'small-ish' babkas and way over a hundred chocolate chip cookies...) We packed up most of the goodies and sent them to 'deep-freeze' so that the parentals could shlep them 'fresh' across the ocean for the Fambily over there.

One small babka turned into a birthday cakes with a little help from some sparkly toothpicks and we all partook of latkes fresh from the frying pan!

Saturday night was uneventful and Sundays adventure included wishing parts of the family a safe and enjoyable trip across the pond and driving back to the-middle-of-nowhere. (Funnily enough the drive seems to get shorter and shorter - except for when you get stuck behind those reeeeeallllly slooooooow trucks...)

I kept myself busy today. I've finally been 'accepting' graphics work in a relatively steady flow (good for preventing boredom and good for filling the bank...) Anywho - today I worked on projects for 2 clients. The more exciting project was a wedding invitation (which I really seem to enjoy laying-out.) The fun part was that the client wanted a column of cute little illustrations - which meant I got to play around in Illustrator for most of the day - which made me very very happy.

I also managed to do 3 loads of laundry (washed/dried/folded/put away) and I unpacked the suitcase from Shabbos. And just because I'm super-nice I even sliced up some veggies and made some pasta with garlic cream sauce for Z to enjoy for dinner.

Now I'm pretty much exhausted so I think I'll go to sleep. I hope I sleep through the night. That would be awesome!

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