Thursday, December 22, 2011

Squishy & Huggable!

I shlepped myself out of bed today for one reason and one reason only... I really really really wanted to bake my sugar cookies!
These are decorated in tribute to my very favorite donuts from Bagel Nosh in Lakewood - and yeah - I mean the cake-y ones.
I didn't really do any of the cooking for shabbos on account of the fact that I spent all day rolling/baking/icing sugar cookies. Though I have to admit I did spend a while video-chatting with Phil (we watched snow fall for a good 10 minutes...) but we decided to end the call so that she could go make some sugar cookies of her very own. Even Freddie made cookie dough (that she and Mr. Freddie will bake together tomorrow. Aren't they just so cute?!)
For dinner we pulled a container of tomato-vegetable soup out of the freezer. I added some extra chickpeas and we cooked it down a bit then enjoyed it over couscous.
We actually had quite a delightful evening. We lit the candles and sang the songs, then we got our meal together and enjoyed it while watching Kung Fu Panda 2. (For a ridiculous movie it's got some pretty good lessons to teach. Heck, I'm now actively searching for inner-peace.)
The fuzzies have their gelt, a huge pot of beef stock is lightly-simmering away on the stovetop, the cookies are ready for shabbos...

What more do we need?

Happy 3rd night everybody and happy almost 25th toooooo!!!

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