Monday, December 26, 2011

Watch Your Mouse!

I'm a little behind, I know. But truthfully speaking there's not much to report.

Z & I spent our first quiet Shabbat together at Home since Before Rosh Hashana. It was highly enjoyable.

Sunday was boring. But today made up for it. Monday night game night + chanukah party! The game crew guys, the (sometimes) gaming-girl, and Sara all came up the mountain for the occasion!

On the menu were:
Carrot soup, no knead bread, fresh latkes (grated texture or smooth texture depending on which you like), homemade sufganyot (with homemade 'from scratch' dulce-de-leche to fill  them with if you were so inclined) and decorated chanukah sugar cookies.

Z's alcoholic treat of the night was home-brewed bloody marys. The guys summed them up perfectly by describing them as, "frozen pizza in a cup" - next time we'll use smaller cups, but everyone seemed to enjoy them.

Here are some pics so you don't think I'm making things up...

Happy 7th night/day everybody!!!

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