Thursday, January 26, 2012

10 to go!

Holy wow - I love days when I get everything on my to-do list done!

Garlic rice, potato knishes, matbucha, eggplant parmesan, lemonade (6 liters-worth), muffins, pasta salad...

And I made awesomely delicious 1/4-cup-of-batter sized buttermilk pancakes for breakfast!

Seriously - talk about a good day.

Granted - I'm exhausted and it's only 2:50pm...and half of our shabbos guests are coming tonight (so I still have to make dinner and set up their room), and I haven't done any laundry yet... Still - I'm super impressed with what I have accomplished.

Aaaaaaaaand - 3 hours later I am back. Beyond wiped out and still nowhere near done. Turns out we'll be 6 for dinner tonight (instead of the anticipated 4 - and all 4 guests most likely haven't eaten much today) so I've actually got to make a filling enough meal for everyone. I'm hoping that a tossed salad, a loaf of tomato basil bread and pasta with cream sauce will do the trick - because I don't think I have energy to do much more than that. Good thing there's a bunch of cookie-dough-balls in the freezer - because they'll bake up into a super-quick and easy dessert.

Z & I ran to the grocery store (at 5pm when the 'fix-it-guys' finished for the day - after another 6 hour ordeal - and they'll be back on Sunday too.) The place was a zoo! (Remind me NEVER to listen to Z with regards to shopping. I should've gone yesterday!) As it was the store was mobbed and the place was completely sold out of potatoes. (Good thing I didn't ~really~ need the potatoes... though it's weird to not have any in the basket.)

And now it's 11:30pm and I can't actually think straight anymore. I guess I'll finish this post off for now - and write about dinner and further adventures sometime tomorrow (or whenever I get around to it.)

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