Sunday, January 08, 2012


Last Thursday night turned into an impromptu 'game night' - and since it was post-fast I felt doubly-responsible to make a good dinner. Only catch was that the guys would be getting home at around 5:30 and I had an appointment from 4-5. Thankfully I'm resourceful and realized that if I made dinner early and popped it into the oven when I left the house that I could set the whole oven on a timer so that it would turn on and heat the food and then it would be ready on time! Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Anywho we had mac-n-cheese (though the noodles were weird and soaked up a lot of the sauce) and I even found enough tomato vegetable soup (and oatmeal rolls) in the freezer to feed everybody.
In case you were wondering (and in the more likely event that you weren't) my appointment was with the dr/nurse and I'm pleased to announce that my blood-pressure is gold-standard 110/70 and that I've managed to gain a whopping 10 lbs in 5 weeks! (Yes, this IS cause for much rejoicing and celebration.)
Friday morning Z convinced me to drive into town with him to pick up the last of the groceries. He then pushed his luck and begged for me to take him to the 'industrial area' to buy that 'good' chumus from the chumusia! While we were there he also suggested stopping at the bakery to pick up some 'taste-treats' (pastries) for breakfast. It was a good thing that I wanted some borekas because we bumped into friends of ours and ended up having a delightful shmooze!
Cooking for Shabbos didn't take very long - and by the time candle-lighting rolled around I was tired but everything was finished so all was good. Sara slept by us and Z's friend Shoham joined us for the Friday night meal. We played a whole lot of Cities&Knights and had a really entertaining night which ended on the super-late side. Shabbos day flew by too (probably because we were so busy playing Cities&Knights.

Sunday was a pretty boring day (though Z was kind enough to change the sheets - which was really awesome because there's nothing quite as great as clean sheets after a hot shower.) I spent an enjoyable hour 'skyping' with some adorable kiddos (and their awesome mother) and counted down until 8:30pm when I got to head across town for the first official book-club meeting. People always think I'm so quiet and shy because I don't tend to talk unless I've actually got stuff to say - but man oh man I had a lot to say about this book - not good and not bad - just a collection of chatter that accumulated in my noggin while I was reading my way through it. The nicest part of book-club was the 'socializing' aspect. I tend to feel highly antisocial living on the 'far' side of town - not intentionally - it just happens to be that we tend to entertain people at our house quite often (as if you couldn't tell) and opportunities to 'get out' don't manifest as regularly as could be hoped for. Point being - I'm really happy to have a reason to get out once a month and hang out!

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