Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bendy Strippers...

Yesterday was pretty productive overall. I washed/folded all 4 loads of laundry and washed up most of the dishes. I also went out with Sara for a couple of hours. We went to the 'spices store', to the post office, to Mega and to the paper-good store. I made it home with plenty of time to bake up a 1/2 batch of cinnamon swirl cake and an amazingly delicious pizza-bubble-ring for the guys. There were only 3 of them so I allowed myself to be 'convinced' to play Settlers with them. I almost won too. Really - if they guy before me hadn't had so many silly progress cards and ports I would've had it. I had the cards in my hand!
Book club books! I'm excited to read them!
It was a nippy 10C in our bedroom this morning. I refused to get out of bed until the 2 sweatshirts I'd put on warmed up to 'body-temperature'. We eventually found the nerve to turn the heater on and 2 hours later we basked in the toastiness that was 16C. (It's a really good thing we've got a freezer stocked with soups. They keep us warm.) Thankfully I can always sleep in my 'inside boots' when my toes are frozen.
Because in every boys mind: video game = homework
I spent most of the day curled up on the couch in the office - because that way we only had to heat up 1 room in the apartment. Why the office? Well - it's got the most 'inside-walls' so it heats up the quickest and stays warm too!
The wild fuzzies have gathered some berries!!!
Truth be told I didn't do much of anything productive today. I ate a lot of junk and procrastinated leaving the office for any reason.
Do you think he's enjoying that English cheddar? I KNOW he is!
Sara came over at around 5 and we had a sushi-party for dinner! It was a pretty typical evening - though I amused myself a little more than usual.
The box from my newest toy!
After the food-part was over we did full clean up. Z washed dishes, Sara took out the garbage and I was the head-over-see-er from the comfort of a dining room chair - cause I am GOOD at that job.
Sugar Coma - of sorts...
Sara's friend was passing by so she offered to drive Sara back down to the campus which worked out perfectly. Then after Sara had left I went back into hibernation on the couch in the office.
Special-Op: Retrieve Cookie
Tomorrow we're supposed to go to Yesh - and Z is supposed to drive us there! Yikes! I know I shouldn't be so nervous but I just am... You understand, right?

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