Sunday, January 01, 2012

I'm Not a Welder...

Last Thursday turned out to be a crazy busy day. I managed to cook most of Shabbos before going to sleep and was quite pleased with myself. (Read: grinning ear to ear when I passed out for the night from sheer exhaustion.)

Friday morning was relatively relaxing. I woke up early and prepped everything for the quiche. Z assembled it and put it into the oven while I was out with Sara. We went out to run a couple of errands. I got home just in time to pull the quiche out of the oven. Then I scrubbed the stovetop and countertop until they sparkled.

It was amazing to have everything cooked nice and early - it really makes the day much more enjoyable. There was even time to clean the calcium-build-up out of the urn (using the old 'boil it with vinegar' trick) before filling it with clean water and setting it up for Shabbos.

Our guests (Feige & Ephraim) arrived on the early side but that was alright - I pulled a freshly baked tray of potato borekas out of the oven for everyone to snack on (since there were still a little over 2 hours until Shabbos.) Thankfully all of the cleaning and prep was done so we were all able to relax until it was time to light candles.

Sara joined us for the meals, we played a couple of games of Settlers and a lot of shmoozing took place.

All in all a very nice Shabbos.

Menu included:

Friday Night: chumus, instant-pickle-slices, roasted garlic, chicken soup with matzah balls, 'regular' roasted chicken, couscous, apple kugel (1/4 recipe), streusel topped sweet potatoes, green beans with garlic & basil olive oil

Shabbos Lunch: chumus, roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic, instant-pickle-slices, sliced veggies, lettuce-salad (add-your-own-toppings), citrus glazed salmon, tomato onion cheese quiche, 'Israeli salad', oriental pasta salad, chickpea salad

Desserts: brownies with chocolate ganache frosting, chocolate babka

Today was super-boring until around 8:20pm when Z 'suddenly remembered' that he had to build a model of the project that he'd spent the day working on. Suffice it to say - I cut, folded and glued many things. 3 hours later it's not quite done yet but I'm thinking I'll go to sleep anyway. I've done my part.

In exciting news - the FamBily is back from MerryCa and we're happy they're Home safe & sound!

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