Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A photographic depiction of today's adventures which began at 8am with us clearing everything away from under the window-frames. (Of course now that it's 'fixed' - I'm wishing I had taken some 'before' shots just for comparison...)
The window in the Master Bedroom
Instead of just re-caulking the window frame (which is what they've done three times - in the past 2 years) they actually drilled a channel in the wall to see where/why water was pooling in the wall. (Well, before filling up the channel with new cement anyway...)
Since the windows were out anyway Z decided to clean them...
We weren't really expecting them to do anything else productive but while they were here they agreed to switch the broken strap/string thingies on the trissim. But in order to switch the strings they needed light in the room which meant that they brought in a ladder and fixed the lighting fixture in the ceiling of the guest room (which hasn't worked for over a year - since the wind blew it so violently that one of the wires got knocked loose.) And as an added bonus they even fixed both of the electrical sockets which had fallen out of the walls.
Here's my kitchen - looking somewhat like we're cleaning for Pesach - but we're not. I assure you. We are not.
My makeshift calendar for 2012 built in the 'old-style' (whereby a new settlement is erected directly on-top of the previous settlement...)
We're using the dining room as an 'office' until the fix-it-guys are done (and until all of the fumes they brought with them dissipate.)
Here's a shot of the progress in our backyard. They are still 'terra-forming' the mountain and haven't started building anything. I wonder how they actually expect to get all of the construction done in under 2 years.
On an off-topic sort of note - Toffee can't understand why Z likes to eat smelly-fishies so much!
Still on the list of 'to-do' for today is a trek to the post-office to pick up another package and to pick up a check from a client for graphic-services-rendered.

I'm thinking little white fishies and smash/crash-(baked)-potatoes tonight for dinner. And while I'm at it I might bake a 2nd batch of muffins for the freezer. I'm also very tempted to cook up a batch of pancakes for the freezer - because it's so much easier to pop them into the toaster or microwave than to make fresh ones all the time.

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