Monday, January 23, 2012

Mississippi Mud Brownies!

Turns out all you've got to do is ask...isn't that right Z? Mmmm, ice cream, water and sometimes even pasta!

Today has been quite productive. I managed to get 6 loads of laundry done. (Where do 6 loads of laundry come from in a house with just 2 people?! Ok ok - 3 loads were sheets and towels from the guest suite - so I guess it's not so unreasonable.)

Z did a bunch of chores that he'd been pushing off for quite some time. I'm pleased to announce that the sheirut mirpeset (service porch) is officially tree-free and a lot less muddy, the legs have been re-attached to the challah board and that the (completely incompetent and useless) 'fix-it-guy' stopped by to look at the water damage in the apartment and yeah - this is the same stuff we've been having issues with since we moved in. Supposedly he'll be back again tomorrow morning at '9:00am' to 'fix' the problem (again)...but only if it doesn't rain.

I had a 'moment' today when I accidentally took off my glasses instead of taking off my headphones and couldn't figure out why I was still attached to the computer. (Yeah - that really happened. Go ahead, laugh. I know I did - for a good 5 minutes after I realized what the problem was.)

One of Z's friends will be sleeping over all week - since it's studio-prep week for all the archinerds architecture students.

I really want to bake some muffins and bread to restock the freezer. (Did I say that last week too?) Well - this week I really mean to do it. I've got a liter and a half of milk to bake into delicious breakfast treats for Z. Maybe I'll even make him a batch of cinnamon buns...

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