Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Remember how yesterday I said we had sushi for dinner with Sara - well, that was actually only half of the story. What we actually did was rolled 26 rolls of the stuff for Renat's bridal-shower (which is taking place as I type this which is why I'm finally allowed to talk about it.) Mostly I was supremely impressed with myself because I cooked 6 cups of raw sushi-rice to fluffy and sticky perfection.
In other news - if you haven't seen me recently, or you've been wondering how/why I've been waaay off the fructozoid-food-wagon for the last few months, or you're confused by the numerous cryptic number-related blog-posts I guess it's time to let you in on the secret...
We ordered a super-special package and are anticipating arrival around Pesach-time!
As you can see - things are growing quite well!
(Heehee, I'm so punny!)
Today was also notably exceptional because Z drove our car for the very first time (with me as his 'accompanying experienced driver'.) He did a great job! We went all the way to the grocery store and then back home again.

As a 'thank you' for letting him get behind the wheel he even volunteered to make us lunch. We enjoyed pan-cooked grilled cheese (filled with honest-to-goodness mild English cheddar and a smear of spicy-brown-mustard), sliced veggies and a tall glass of lemonade apiece.

Tonight is Little Brother's engagement party on in Givat Shmuel, but due to scheduling conflicts with 'studio' and 'end of semester madness' we won't be able to make it. I wish the date hadn't been changed (it was supposed to be tomorrow night!) but I guess life is what it is - and we'll just have to get them out here for a fun-filled-family-dinner at some point before 'the big day'!

Tomorrow - much cookie baking will commence...I hope!

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