Sunday, January 15, 2012

Outward Pressure...

Not quite sure where the last week has gone. Last Wednesday was spent attempting to straighten up the apartment. Thursday turned into a crazy-hectic-day when I had to bake an anniversary cake, make dinner for the guys and take Sara across town all at the last-minute - well, the cooking/baking/entertaining was last minute - the outing across town wasn't. On Friday we made our way to The Sun House in the pouring rain - when we got there we visited S&S and I was presented with my suitcase-of-presents from the USofA. I love all my new clothes (especially the fuzzy sweatshirt which fits over my bulgy-belly) and I especially love my slightly-belated Channuka present from Z - an adorable (and super exciting) Canon Rebel XS! I'll start taking/posting some pictures with it just as soon as I find my old photography-course notes and figure out how to use the darn thing! Shabbos was lots of fun - we spent it eating lots of good food, getting shot at and shooting nerf-guns and laughing a lot. The anniversary sign might've said the wrong number, the frosting might've been grainy (on account of homemade 'powdered' sugar), the dog might've wanted to eat all of The Dibble's friends - but it was highly enjoyable!

Saturday night we headed back to the middle of nowhere with Sara and her friend Yael. They came over and we all enjoyed a delicious fresh batch of heavenly thin crust pizza. (Yeah - the one I raved about 2 weeks ago or so...that awesome one where the dough gets made in the food-processor, has a 24 hour cold-rise, then bakes up perfect pizzeria pies...mhm, yum.)

I slept late this morning - on account of not sleeping so well Friday night and suffering extreme DWTMTFS (Don't Want To Miss The Fun Stuff) on Shabbos afternoon (which meant I didn't bother napping.) Anywho - I didn't wake up until 9am - which (as you know by now) is pretty impressive for me.

At around 1 we left the house on a 'material-mission' which took us down to the printing-place, then to the Industrial Area(s) of the middle of nowhere. I got to visit the fun spice store while Z wandered around price-comparison-shopping for super-narrow PVC piping. I put my foot down as far as buying an electric saw went - but he got the materials he needed for his project.

Logged onto Skype I got to catch up with Rikuda&Co and said 'hi' to the Smushes via video-conference. The Z came Home and we dug some meat out of the freezer. (The Crazy Lady gave it to us at some point) It made a delicious dinner served over some pastas.

Now Z is busy trying to string his tetra-deca-whoza-gons together into an enormous model of foamy-goodness. I'm pretending to figure out how to use my camera but keep getting distracted by stuff on pintrest (my latest time-wasting obsession.)

Tomorrow I've got lots to do. Laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, 'refreshing' the spice-jars, going out with Sara to the other side of town, dinner for the guys (Hard to believe this is the last Monday of the semester...) then game night!!!

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